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John Doyle Pops Eyeballs Out of His Head, Becomes Web Sensation (Video)

John Doyle's bizarre videos of himself popping his eyes partially out of his sockets have made him a YouTube hit.

Doyle, who lives in Rainhill, a village located in Merseyside, England, used to entertain people at local bars with his unique talent, but now thousands of people are watching (video below).

He recently flew to Japan where he claims to have set a world record for pushing his eyes out of his head further than any human being.

"Guinness World Records have quite strict criteria so it is tough to meet their standards. While in Japan, I believe I beat the world record for how far eyes can come out, which is currently 12 millimeters, but due to the language barrier it was hard to get it recorded accurately," Doyle told the Daily Mail.

Doyle, who also goes by the monicker of "Mr. Zoom," claims he discovered this skill about two years ago.

"I was doing it for friends in the pub and just put it on YouTube one day. I found I was getting emails from lots of different people commenting on it. Suddenly it had had a hundred views, then the figure kept going up and up and I was getting dozens of emails every couple of hours," added Doyle.

"It just took off. I was featured on TV in America and Ripley's Believe it or Not contacted me. I never expected it would be as popular as this. I have spoken to some people in London and we are looking to identify opportunities for the future, but there is nothing definite planned just yet."

Doyle has a website, Twitter and Facebook page for people who cannot get enough of his eye-popping talent.

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