Jenna Conti Banned from Pool for Wearing Mermaid Tail


Jenna Conti was recently banned from swimming in her community’s pool in Lithia, Fla.,  because she wants to wear a silicone mermaid tail.

Conti swam in the community pool with her blue mermaid tail once before with permission, but that was the first and last time.

Conti, who calls herself "Eden Sirene" while in the water, thought it would be fun to swim with the kids at the FishHawk Ranch community pool, notes the Tampa Bay Times.

However, the FishHawk Community Development board voted on Monday to keep Conti out of the water because of its swim fin policy.

The FishHawk Community Development board said it might consider Conti's mermaid tail for special events or if she becomes a vendor and buys a business license and insurance.

“Some of [our] most successful events have been those with children,” said board chairman Ruth Brown. “This would really be a special treat for the community.”

Conti, who works as a full-time hair stylist, said she and her 10-year-old son saw some mermaids at the Tampa Bay Renaissance Fair earlier this year and she got the idea to dress up as a mermaid.

A brain cancer survivor, Conti lost the use of her legs and had to relearn how to walk. So when Conti saw the mermaids, she told herself: “It’s time to start doing the things you want to do.”

Source: Tampa Bay Times


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