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Japanese Man Accused Of Ejaculating On More Than 100 Women

Tetsuya Fukuda, 40, was recently arrested in Tokyo, Japan, for allegedly ejaculating on more than 100 women on local trains for four years.

Police analyzed semen that had been sprayed on the skirt of a 18–year-old schoolgirl, noted the Daily Mirror.

That analysis led to Fukuda, but it's not clear how authorities originally suspected it was him.

Fukuda allegedly masturbated on crowded trains and ejaculated through holes in his jackets. He reportedly targeted young women.

Ria Yoneda, an alleged 26-year-old victim, said, "It happened to me as well but I didn’t know who had done it. It is just disgusting, he needs help."

During his arrest, Fukuda reportedly told police, "I get excited when in close contact with a woman on a crowded train." reports that Fukuda was charged with damaging property, which might be in reference to the women's clothing.

Sources: Daily Mirror,
Image Credit: Bex Walton


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