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Ice Boulder Crashes Through Apartment Building Ceiling (Video)

A large boulder of ice fell through an apartment complex roof in Wilmington, Massachusetts, on Sunday.

The 200-pound ice boulder crashed into the back stairwell of the complex, startling residents with the noise (video below).

“If it was on the ground, it was like this big, and it just came through solid. It didn’t break up," resident Kathleen Trowbridge told CBS Boston.

Police claim the ice block fell from a high point on the apartment building’s roof, through a lower roof and into the stairwell.

While maintenance crews have shoveled off the roof in the past, some of the ice remained and built up into a boulder.

Over on the west coast, California's State Water Resources Control Board recently approved some new rules in order to combat the state-wide drought.

The new rules will limit "households to just two days of outdoor watering in some parts of the state while requiring restaurants to serve water only upon request and hotels to get guest approval before washing the linens," reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

The rules still have to be approved by the state's legal advisors, which will likely take until the end of April or the beginning of May.

Sources: CBS Boston, San Francisco Chronicle
Image Credit: Wilmington Police Department Media Handout


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