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'I Hate My Thighs' Onesie For Babies Accused Of Fat-Shaming Adults

The Wry Baby clothing company has been accused of fat-shaming adults with its new onesie for babies that states, "I Hate My Thighs."

Ms. Magazine editor Michele Kort slammed the humorous onesie in a blog posting entitled, "We Spleen: Baby Fat-Shaming" on March 10 that has since been removed.

According to the Daily Mail, Kort wrote: "Yes, we know—it's meant to be funny. After all, the company that sells this onesie with the saying 'I Hate My Thighs' is named Wry Baby. And we feminists do have a sense of humor. But really, there's something icky about projecting fat awareness on babies." (Wayback Machine) reveals that Kort added, "It’s not the babies who will be forced to become aware of their avoirdupois—it’s grownups who will be reminded that wider-than-sticks thighs are something hateable rather than loveable."

According to, Wry Baby wrote in the comments section below Kort's article:

We've pulled our "Love Me For My Legroll" Snapsuit out of retirement and placed it toe-to-toe with our "I Hate My Thighs" Snapsuit, so that your readers can have the chance to vote whether sweetness or irony wins. The style that sells the most units by midnight on Sunday, March 15th, will be the one we keep. ALL PROCEEDS from both styles during this challenge will be donated to the Ms. Foundation for Women.

In response, Kort wrote:

Please make the donation to Ms. magazine, Wry Baby. The Ms. Foundation for Women is an entirely separate organization. And sorry that we don't see much difference between I Hate My Thighs and Love Me For My Legrolls; the subtext of the latter is that someone would NOT be loved for her legrolls. But of course we're making too much of this, right?

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Image Credit: Wry Baby Onesie Product Image


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