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‘Hoodies for Hobos’ Turns Homeless People into Human Ads for Arcade

The owner of the Add-a-Ball videogame arcade in Seattle is giving away free sweatshirts to homeless people.

But there's a catch, the sweatshirts include advertisements of his arcade.

"I will post a pic of every new bum we spruce up," arcade owner Brad Johnsen told "If it also encourages people to go play pinball and get drunk, all the better."

The sweatshirts are part of the arcade's
“Hoodies for Hobos” campaign, which began last month.

The arcade's Facebook page includes pictures of homeless people wearing the company sweatshirts.

Johnsen claims he's dressed up 30 homeless people in his clothing ads.

"I kick it with bums all the time,” claimed Johnsen. “My whole thing is that they just want to get drunk and high like the rest of us, but sometimes they smell funky and downright nasty.”

However, Elaine Simons, an advocate for the homeless, says the “Hoodies for Hobos” campaign turns human beings into "walking advertisements."

“They lost any support from me when they got to the derogatory terms,” Simons told KOMO. “I feel it leans toward exploitation.”

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