Hiker Hires Helicopter to Help Her Because Rescue Crew was Too Slow (Video)


Nancy Allen called a private helicopter to rescue her and her daughter from 8,000 foot Mount St. Helens in Washington State as rescuers carried her down the mountain in a stretcher.

Allen and her daughter Sara, 18, reached the top of the mountain last Tuesday, but Allen fell on her way down. While her injuries did not threaten her life, Allen was unable to walk.

Allen originally called 911 and rescuers found her at around 6,100-feet (video below).

"We started yelling, yelling, yelling," Allen told ABC News. "The wind was such a factor that night."

Rescuers put Allen in a basket stretcher and began carrying the woman down the mountain.

If her injuries had been life-threatening, the rescuers say they would have called a helicopter, but instead began a seven-hour walk across dangerous terrain to get her to safety.

"I said, 'I don't have seven hours in me. I really don't,'" said Allen, who then called a private helicopter service, which arrived an hour later and air lifted her and Sara.

Some reports say Allen paid for the volunteer team, other reports say she only paid for herself and her daughter, but left behind the  rescuers with their equipment.

"This is a no brainer, y'all. I mean, $1,300," said Allen.

"When you get in a situation where you really don't think you are going to make it out alive, transitioning into the normal world, things really don't matter," added Allen.

"I've never heard of this happening," Undersheriff Dave Cox told OregonLive.com. "I don't know how much it cost her, but I'm sure it was a spendy proposition. I know I wouldn't be able to afford it."

Sources: ABC News and OregonLive.com


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