High School Cheerleader Performs 44 Back Handsprings, Sets World Record (Video)


High school cheerleader Mikayla Clark recently set the world record for the most consecutive back handsprings.

According to High5Sports.com, she performed 44 back handsprings to break the record of 36 during last week's homecoming at Westlake High School in Atlanta (video below).

"I was looking at world records [on Google] and I just happened to see the most consecutive back handsprings," Clark told My Fox Atlanta. "I clicked on the link and I was like, ‘Oh, she did 36,' and I said, 'I think I can beat that.'"

"She started at football games and they would do a tumble line," added Mikayla's mother, Erica. "She started 10, then she started 20 and one night she got up to 32. I said, 'Okay Mikayla, the record is 36, you don't have that many more to go.' I don't have the words for it because she said that she was going to do it and she did it."

The junior says she plans to set a new benchmark next year, "My senior year, I'm going to flip field goal to field goal and try to break my record."

Until then, Clark is content with her current accomplishment.

"Most people can say, ‘Well, I won state, I did this,'" said the cheerleader. "Now I can say I'm a world record holder."

Sources: High5Sports.com and My Fox Atlanta


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