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Haunted House in Northern France Ousts Spooked Family

Violent attacks by soap trays, oranges floating across rooms, and hazardous flying chairs have forced a family out of their home in the northern French village of Mentque-Nortbecourt, Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

“It’s becoming dangerous," the mother of the family told France 3 television. “My friend had to go to the hospital this week after getting hit in the head by stones. It’s serious.”

What sounds similar to the plot of a laughable horror film has become so bad, according to the family, that they pleaded with local authorities to find them a new residence. However, after being given temporary lodging at a nearby campground, the family is reportedly looking for a new place to reside.

The bizarre case has generated a significant media buzz in France, with TF1 television asking whether it’s a case of “paranormal phenomenon or just a village joke.”

The odd events, which family members claim have been occurring frequently since July, reportedly reached a peak when paramedics were forced to rush to the home to aid a family member who was hit in the face by a flying chair and then struck in the back by a bar of soap.

The local diocese has also sent in an exorcist to try to banish any evil spirits that may currently reside in the home, according to local television reports.

Although numerous former residents of the home have claimed no such events, the family has insisted the events are real, and even invited to the town to stop by and observe on their own accord.

Sources: The Local, The Voice North


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