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Groom Stages Fake ISIS Kidnapping During Wedding In Egypt (Video)

The Middle East terrorist group ISIS recently executed 21 Egyptian Christians, but that horrific incident didn't discourage one Egyptian groom from staging a fake ISIS kidnapping of his bride at their wedding.

Ahmed Shehata, 25, had some of his relatives dress as ISIS terrorists, complete with black face coverings and knives (video below).

The terrorists led Shehata and his bride Shaimaa Deif, 22, into a giant cage, similar to the one that ISIS used to burn a Jordanian pilot alive.

Once they were in the cage, dance music began to play, notes WGN.

"I knew there would be a surprise," Deif told The Guardian. "But I never imagined that the surprise would be like that."

The terrorists then removed their masks to reveal their identities. One of them was Deif’s brother.

While the video of the wedding has drawn criticism, the couple claimed the wedding prank was actually a strong message against ISIS.

"The cage you’re scaring us with, we are dancing inside it,” Deif stated.

"We aren’t making light of other people’s blood. We’re showing that we’re not scared, and that Egyptians meet any crisis with laughter and comedy," Deif added.

"I couldn’t do it after everyone had forgotten it," Shehata said. "We did consider people who knew the victims in it. But we had to deliver this message now."

Deif’s father didn't get the message as he initially rushed over to save his daughter.

Sources: WGN, The Guardian
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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