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Grandma Gives the Best Cheesy Graduation Gift

You may want to take a closer look at those seemingly-lame gifts from grandma. Reddit user ticklesmyfancy just posted a photo of their grad gift. Let’s just say there was more than meets the eye.

When ticklesmyfancy opened up a pastel-colored, flowery photo album they got from granny for their recent graduation, the pages were filled not with photos, but instead with $20 bills, adding up to a total of about $2,900.

While we don’t know what ticklesmyfancy is going to do with their haul, they’re reeling in a slue of advice on Reddit. One user suggests they replace each bill with a photo of what they used the money for (though another says Grandma probably doesn’t want to see a plethora of photos of her grandchild drinking beer and partying). Other users post paragraphs of advice on how to best invest the dough. Regardless, I’m sure Grandma is proud that her generosity is taking over the internet.

Sources: MSN Now, Reddit


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