Girl Hit with Shovel in Girl-Fight, Video Goes Viral

A video of a fight between two girls, which includes one of the participants getting hit in the head with a shovel, has gone viral on the web.

The short version of the video (below) was posted on Vine, while the longer version was posted on YouTube where it had over 300,000 views before it was removed.

In the video, the two girls and their friends find a place on one of the young ladies' lawns where they can battle.

According to EveryJoe.com, the brawl was a preconceived fight over a boy that took place in Springfield, Ohio.

The first fight includes hair-pulling, which is apparently illegal. The girls then stop and talk about a kitten who recently had surgery, notes Deadspin.com.

The girls then slug it out once again.

"You better quit hittin' me in my face!" the shorter, younger girl tells the older, taller girl who responds, "That's the point! It's a fight!"

The short girl then tells the tall one to leave. When the tall girl refuses, the short girl walks back to the porch on her house and grabs a shovel.

The short girl then throws the shovel, which hits the tall girl in the head and causing her to cry.

The taller girl later tells her friends, "I can't hear! I can't hear! I beat her a--, though, so it's okay."

According to International Digital Times, a Twitter user with the handle "Miranda Fugate" claims to be the tall girl who was hit:

I'M THE GIRL that got hit in the head with the shovel lol ... ya'll made me famous for getting hurt LMAO

Sources: EveryJoe.com, International Digital Times, Deadspin.com


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