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Watch: Cop Flees After Almost Hitting Motorcyclist (Video)

Recent video footage shows a Florida state trooper who appears to be trying to pull over a motorcyclist almost crushing the biker against a highway barrier on Mar. 17 near Orlando, Florida.

A video (below) of the incident was shot by a motorist in a car behind the Florida state trooper's unmarked cruiser. When the trooper slowed down in the fast lane, the motorist honked.

The trooper then pulled over on the left shoulder and came very close to crushing the motorcyclist into the shoulder barrier.

The motorcyclist suddenly accelerated, and the trooper began to pursue with lights on, but moments later turned his lights off.

The motorist in the car continued to follow the trooper, who repeatedly switched lanes, apparently trying to evade the motorist who was filming the encounter, noted

According to the YouTube page of user Christenmarket:

"FHP Sgt Spencer Ross chases a motorcycle rider and sideswipes him. This trooper has a history of chasing motorcycles and violating FHP polices. He has a hard on for bikers smh.. Once he notices a citizen recording him he attempts to evade the area.. Most of his arrests and citations of bikers are falsified.."

WTSP confirms it was Sgt. Spencer Ross, and that the Florida Highway Patrol is investigating the incident. Law enforcement is also trying to track down the motorcyclist.

The Florida Highway Patrol policy manual authorizes troopers to pursue someone only if there is a felony offense, reckless driving or DUI.

Sources:, YouTube, Florida Highway Patrol, WTSP
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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