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Five-Legged Lamb Born In Wales (Video)

Jake the lamb, who has five legs, was born on April 16 to farmer Bethan Davies (video below) on her farm in Wales.

"He seems really happy, he's feeding well and bouncing around like a normal lamb. He is doing really well," Davies told the BBC. "We have never had anything like this before, apparently it's really rare."

According to The Telegraph, a five-legged lamb is rare, but not unheard of in the U.K. A lamb named Quinto was born with a fifth leg in 2013, but had it surgically removed in 2014.

Another lamb, J.D, was born Iowa in 2005 with an extra limb coming out of his right shoulder. That lamb's owners did not have the extra leg removed because of the cost.

Sources: BBC, The Telegraph
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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