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Daredevils Climb World's Second Tallest Building (Amazing Video)

Two masked Russian daredevils climbed to the top of the Shanghai Tower, the second tallest building in the world, this week.

The Chinese building is currently under construction and is 2,073 feet tall, noted

Using no ropes or safety equipment, they also climbed the crane on top of the partially-constructed building (pictured).

Vitaliy Raskalov, 20, and Vadim Makhorov, 24, recorded an amazing video (below) of their feat using head-mounted GoPro cameras.

The pair also posted some breath-taking photos on Instagram.

It helped that they chose the Chinese New Year holiday, but they still had to get past security guards.

"It took about two hours to get to the top, but when we got there we could only see clouds,” Makhorov told The Telegraph.

"We had to wait for hours for the clouds to part, but it was well worth the wait, the view was like something from an aircraft window," added Makhorov. "We were not afraid at all and we have never had any injuries as a result of our sky walking."

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