Daredevil Walks Slackline Between Two Balloons, Sets World Record (Video)

Daredevil Andy Lewis walked a 39-foot slackline between two balloons that were 4000 feet above the Nevada desert back in March.

Lewis wore a GoPro camera on his helmet to record his amazing feat (video below) without a safety line, notes Towleroad.com.

According to the Daily Mail, Lewis set a world's record by walking the world's highest slackline, which is a piece of stretchable fabric, in less than 20 seconds.

The previous record for slacklining was 3,000 feet.

The only safety feature that Lewis had was a parachute strapped to his back, which he used after the historic walk.

Lewis and his team reportedly did trial runs from 6-10 feet to 600-700 feet before attempting the 4,000-foot walk.

Lewis, who is nicknamed "Stretchy Andy," said after the stunt, "It felt amazing to be on the line, it was very free and incredibly exposed."

Sources: Daily MailTowleroad.com


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