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Dad Allows 6-Year-Old Son to Drive Motorcycle (Video)

An dad recently allowed his six-year-old son to drive his Harley-Davidson motorcycle on an open road.

According to, the dad is YouTube user “Jacob Hughes,” who uploaded the video (below), which is going viral. notes that people's comments about the video on YouTube page have ranged from supportive to shocked:

I'm all for kids learning to ride, but safety would be paramount for my child first! Leathers and a helmet that actually fits! This kid would be mince meat if he fell off!

I'm all for getting your kids into bikes, but I feel strongly that the child should have on some more protective clothing. I know I know, not my kid...but it just makes me cringe. 

Not sure if this cool or incredibly stupid

Sure a priceless father & son moment but isn't this a little reckless?

That's a cool cruise control you got there pops! 

Parenting done right!!!!!

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