Conspiracy Theorists Try to Film New NSA Complex, Fail Miserably (Video)

Three conspiracy theorists recently tried to film the National Security Agency’s (NSA) new multi-billion dollar complex in Utah.

Anthony Gucciardi, of the conspiracy sites Infowars.com and Storyleak.com, Weldon Henson and a cameraman named "Josh," of Infowars.com, didn't exactly have the smooth moves of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The three men recently drove onto NSA government property, ignored several signs that forbid filming, parked their vehicle, stood in the parking lot and promptly began to film (video below).

About 20 seconds into the video, Gucciardi states, "Alright we're getting screamed at by the NSA agent. He's getting in his car, screaming at us, telling us to turn those cameras off right now and he is very upset, very mad."

Rather than turn their cameras off, "Josh" keeps filming with his camera, while Henson is shooting the scene with his iPhone, just waiting for the inevitable confrontation with the NSA security officer.

Apparently, the camera was sending a live feed back to Alex Jones, who was recording the video for Infowars.com.

At about the 40 second mark, the NSA security officer arrives in his vehicle and tells the trio to turn their cameras off.

Standing in the middle of the barren parking lot, Gucciardi claims he is there to request an interview with a NSA official.

"Well, isn't it the First Amendment, don't we get to film?" asks Gucciardi.

The NSA officer directs him to the many signs that the group passed on their way in and informs the conspiracy theorists that they are on government property, not public property, a fact that seems to escape them for the next two minutes.

“What about Google satellite photos? They have photos of everything. Do they have to delete it?” asks Gucciardi, who has been told by the NSA officer several times to turn off the camera.

Eventually, two more NSA security officers arrive and seize the camera.

Source: Infowars.com


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