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Condo Association Tells Man to Take Down American Flag

Mark DiGiovanni was recently told by his condo association in Fort Point, Massachusetts that he could not fly an American flag in his window.

Apparently, the FP3 Condo association says that people can only hang white curtains in their windows.

After his neighbors complained, DiGiovanni got a letter in his mailbox threatening him with a $25 per day fine.

“It’s the culture. There’s no common sense anymore,” DiGiovanni told WBZ NewsRadio.

DiGiovanni hung the American flag to honor his five World War II veteran uncles, one of whom fought in Normandy.

The patriotic resident had until midnight Monday to take down his flag, but actually put up a second flag on Tuesday.

"We’ve left it to lawyers to codify every aspect of our lives. This is the train wreck that happens when you try to codify every aspect of our lives. It would be easier for me to burn it in the street than hang it in my window,” added DiGiovanni.

Property manager Maria Palmieri of Barkan Management Co. told the Boston Globe: “I can assure you he’s not singled out. It would go to anyone. If you make an exception for one, where does it start and where does it finish?”

Source: WBZ NewsRadio and Boston Globe


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