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College Student Kicked Off Plane For T-Shirt With F-Word (Video)

Daniel Podolsky was on a Southwest Airlines flight from Dallas to Chicago yesterday when the plane had to stop in St. Louis because of bad weather.

Podolsky got off the plane to use the restroom, but when he tried to get back on, a Southwest gate agent stopped him because his T-shirt read, "Broad F----- City."

Podolsky got the T-shirt from Comedy Central, which was promoting the TV show "Broad City" at the South by Southwest Festival (video below).

Podolsky told Buzzfeed that he had worn his jacket over the T-shirt for most of the flight from Dallas to St. Louis, until he got hot.

Podolsky told Fox 2 Now that he would have "gladly" done something with the T-shirt, but a cell phone video that Podolsky shot shows him refusing numerous suggestions from the gate agent to turn the T-shirt inside-out, wear a jacket over it or don a different shirt.

Podolsky refused all the suggestions, and stated, "I have freedom of speech."

Southwest Airlines backed up its employees in a statement, “We rely on our Employees and Customers to use common sense and good judgment."

Podolsky eventually changed his shirt and boarded another flight to New York City, which was to be his final destination.

Podolsky later told BuzzFeed, "Contrary to my statement on video, this is not about the First Amendment. I just wanted to mind my own business and be comfortable in my own clothing. Who doesn’t?"

Sources: Fox 2 Now, Buzzfeed
Image Credit: Fox 2 Now Screenshot


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