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Chaos in Los Angeles as Residents Search for Hidden Cash (Video)

A mystery millionaire has been hiding money around Los Angeles, sending the city into a greed-driven hysteria.

Using the Twitter handle @HiddenCash, the benefactor has been tweeting clues as to where Angelenos can find the stashed money (video below).

On Thursday night, hundreds of citizens swarmed into Burbank to find envelopes of hidden cash, reports NBC Los Angeles.

People looked in dumpsters, garden beds and even under bus stops. The massive search created traffic chaos, say local police.

This free money giveaway was started by a successful real estate investor in San Francisco back on May 22, but apparently he or she dropped down to Los Angeles to spread the wealth.

@HiddenCash warned residents not to get out of control on Thursday night: "Please walk and drive safely. A young woman ran right in front of my car a few days ago. I will do my best to pick locations that are safe, but please use common sense and caution."

"Please also be respectful to the locations themselves and surrounding businesses. And be kind and happy with each other, as that's what this is all about."

Apparently, this was his or her first trip to Los Angeles.

$210, $135, $200 were found in Burbank, while another $250 was found in Los Feliz, noted KTLA.

There has also been money found in Pasadena and Echo Park.

On Saturday, more money was dropped by @HiddenCash in Hermosa Beach where bills were found inside dozens of Angry Bird figurines, which brought the masses to the small beach.

“All of our divisions are aware of the potential that a mass influx of people can raise safety issues,” LAPD Officer Drake Madison told CBS Los Angeles.

The police are urging the public not fight over cash, but likely know that is just not possible in Los Angeles.

Sources: CBS Los Angeles, NBC Los Angeles, KTLA


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