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Cars, Houses, Buildings Swept Away By Flooding In Chile (Video)

The South American country Chile recently experienced enormous floods and mudslides that carried away houses, cars and buildings.

An unusual amount of rain poured down on Chile’s normally dry Atacama region last week, resulting in an overflow of the Copiapo River (video below).

According to, about 25 people were killed (possibly more) while 125 folks went missing in what is being called the worst flooding in 80 years.

Almost 3,000 people were placed in emergency housing, while about 30,000 people were affected by the natural disaster, Chile's National Emergency Office said.

Chile's President Michelle Bachelet offered words of hope to people in Atacama over the weekend.

"We stand with you, as we have from the beginning, and we will rebuild. It pains me to see my country in such a state ... we will find a solution," President Bachelet stated, notes AFP.

Chile's government has sent thousands of doses of flu vaccine, tetanus and hepatitis A to the area to combat disease outbreaks.

"We have come to make sure that [recovery efforts] are working, that you have enough drugs, that you have enough vaccines," President Bachelet added.

Sources:, AFP
Image Credit: Screenshot


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