Boy Fakes Kidnapping to Avoid Dental Appointment

A 12-year-old boy in St. Gervais, France, faked his own kidnapping in order to avoid a dental appointment.

The French newspaper Midi Libre reported that the boy was found by police who saw him hiding during a patrol on May 21, notes the Mirror.

When he was questioned by the officers, the boy claimed that he had been kidnapped from Bagnols, a nearby town.

According to TheLocal.fr, the boy described his kidnapper as: "European looking, aged in his thirties, of muscular build with a height of around 1.70 and a vertical scar on his right cheek."

The creative youngster also told police what kind of car his fake abductor was driving during the fictional kidnapping.

The kid said he was on his way to his dental appointment when the kidnapper (wearing a black shirt and light jeans) drove up near him, asked directions and forced him into the car.

The boy claimed that he escaped when the kidnapper's car made a stop in St. Gervais.

Police spent an entire month investigating the kidnapping, but when they checked CCTV video in Bagnols they realized the story was false, noted the New York Daily News.

The boy finally admitted to police this week that he lied about the kidnapping because he was afraid to go to the dentist.

Sources: New York Daily News, Midi Libre, Mirror, TheLocal.fr


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