Bar Sign Says ‘I Like My Beer Like I Like My Violence, Domestic’ (Video)

A bar in Plano, Texas, recently caused a firestorm of controversy with a handwritten chalk sign that read: "I Like My Beer Like I Like My Violence. Domestic," which was followed by a romantic heart.

The sign was written by a female bartender at Scruffy Duffies bar, but offended a female customer (video below).

"I was like, 'Oh my gosh, do you see this?'" Courtney Williams told WFAA. "How does someone think it's okay to put something like that up there?"

Williams asked the female bartender and two managers to erase the message, but they refused.

She later posted a picture of it on Facebook, which went viral.

"I wrote this Facebook post as soon I got home and I made it public and I shared this photo with another domestic violence group," Williams told CBS Dallas-Fort Worth. "My friends and I think I just had the right group of people that felt so strongly about it that it got shared so many times."

The sign eventually came down and Scruffy Duffies' owners have suspended the manager who was on duty.

A regional manager says the bar is making a donation to a local women's shelter and asking shelter employees to train bar employees on sensitivity.

Williams said some critics have accused her of being overly sensitive, but she is more concerned about victims of domestic violence.

"I want to give them a voice," added Williams. "It can be a really powerful thing for change."

Sources: WFAACBS Dallas-Fort Worth


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