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Applebee's Calls Police on Family Because Kids Were Too Active (Video)

Eli Gau and his wife Lillian Maliti have two boys, ages one and three, who can be a handful at times, which the parents admit.

However, Gau and Maliti were shocked when an Applebee's restaurant in Katy, Texas called the police because the children were too active (video below).

The family was eating at Applebee's on Sunday night when three-year-old Ryan wandered away from the family's table.

"I went and grabbed him, and as I was grabbing him and coming back, the manager was walking to me," Gau told KHOU.

The manager allegedly told Gau that his kids were making too much noise and told them to leave.

Outside the restaurant, a Harris County Sheriff's Deputy gave them family a notice that warned them for criminal trespassing.

Maliti told KHOU: "I feel disrespected. This has never happened in my life."

An Applebee’s spokesperson has since apologized and said the management team mishandled the situation.

The family was given free dinner passes to Applebee’s, but Gau said they would not be going back.

Source: KHOU


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