Americans Sign Petition to Repeal Third Amendment, Allow Military to Take Over Their Homes (Video)


Conservative prankster Mark Dice often asks people in San Diego to sign absurd, fake petitions while a friend of his films.

This time, Dice asked Americans if they would sign a petition to repeal the Third Amendment and allow U.S. troops to take over their homes, notes (video below).

In just one day, Dice's latest video has over 10,000 views on YouTube. Dice often laughed after people signed his mock petition.

However, Dice was a bit deceptive with his "patriotic" petition pitch to onlookers, many of whom did not seem to know what the Third Amendment is.

“We want to repeal the Third Amendment to keep the housing prices down for the military folks," Dice told a shirtless man, who signed. "Just support Obama and support the troops.”

“These poor military folks don't have enough money pay for housing these days," Dice said to a man wearing a cap." These military folks are clean and orderly people, so they won’t dirty up your house too much whilst we eliminate the Third Amendment and you can quarter them in your house if they just want to come in,”

“By repealing the Third Amendment, we'll help keep the housing prices down for the military," Dice told a female signer. "They can choose what house they want to live in, maybe in your house or anybody’s house really.”

Sources: and YouTube


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