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9/11 Victim Appears in 'Stylish' Commute Promo on Esquire Magazine's Website

This morning Esquire magazine's website included a photo of a 9/11 victim falling or jumping to his death after the World Trade Center's North Tower was attacked by terrorists.

The picture included the captions: "Making Your Morning Commute More Stylish" and "Look Good On Your Way to Work."

The Esquire picture and blurb were tweeted by MPR's Emily Kaiser, noted

The page has since been corrected by Esquire and includes the story behind "the falling man," who many witnesses identified as Jonathan Briley.

The article also includes some background on photographer Richard Drew, who took the iconic picture.

Drew also also happened to be present for the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, which he photographed as a young man in 1968.

There was no mention of the mistake on Esquire's website or Twitter page.

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