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Whitby Politician Simon Parkes Claims He Fathered Alien Child

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Whitby man and labor counselor, Simon Parkes, admitted in “Confessions of an Alien Abductee” that he has fathered a child with an alien.

The 53-year-old English man said he has sexual relations about four times a year with an alien that he called the Cat Queen, who birthed their son he called Zarka. He has also claimed that his mother was a 9-feet tall alien with eight fingers.

Parkes said he and the Cat Queen hold hands and are taken up to a craft orbiting the earth. He added that he does not understand the foreign technology.

“My wife found out about it and was very unhappy, clearly,” Parkes said. “That caused a few problems, but it is not on a human level, so I don’t see it as wrong.”

Parkes said he often draws pictures of his experiences because it helps him come to terms with them. He added that the aliens protect him and that they watch over him like parents.

“I think I am fairly clear in my head that I am being monitored,” Parkes said. “If there is anything that’s seriously about to happen or does happen then I am fairly confident in my own mind that they will intervene.”

According to Parkes, he is often followed by security services. He and a female companion were allegedly abducted by aliens recently and returned into a moving car.

Parkes said he understands the widespread skepticism of his story, but he promised that a day spent with him would enlighten anyone. 

Sources: The Northern Echo, The Guardian


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