Rebecca Nalepa "Distraught" Day Before She Died at Mansion


There is mounting evidence that the bizarre hanging death of Rebecca Nalepa at her boyfriend Jonah Shacknai's mansion near San Diego was a suicide.

Although police have not yet made that determination, now there is word that Nalepa was distraught and crying the day before she was found hanging from a balcony with her hands and feet bound last Wednesday.

The Daily Mail reports that staff at the mansion said she was "visibly upset," likely because just the day before, Shacknai's six-year-old son tumbled down the stairs while he was in her care. Max Shacknai would die of his injuries several days after Nalepa's death.

Shacknai, the CEO of a pharmaceutical company, was at his son's bedside in the hospital when Nalepa died.

The staff also said Nalepa took her dogs to a kennel to be boarded on the day before she died.

More than a dozen police officers are working on the case, trying to determine if her death was suicide or a homicide. They have not yet linked her death to Max's accident.


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