Princess Kate Gives World Peek at Royal Butt and Thong


The entire world was watching as the royal couple William and Kate made their North American tour last week. But what we didn’t see – until now – is Kate’s royal behind.

One of their stops took them to the airport in Calgary where Kate looked lovely in a light yellow dress. The dress was a bit too light, as it blew around in a strong Canadian wind. Video showed her struggling to keep the dress down. But we’re learning that Kate didn’t do such a good job.

“After I sent other photos, I looked at the images again and there was Kate showing almost all,” said photographer Andre Forget. “It all happened within two or three seconds, when the wind exposed her derriere.”

The photo has, of course, gone viral, leading to worldwide speculation that Kate is fond of thong underwear. No comment yet from the Queen about that.

Here is video of William and Kate at the airport:


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