Yolanda Quesada Fired from Wells Fargo for 40-Year-Old Theft - Opposing Views

Yolanda Quesada Fired from Wells Fargo for 40-Year-Old Theft

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Apparently stealing has no statute of limitations at Wells Fargo.

Veteran employee Yolanda Quesada got a pink slip from her Milwaukee, Wisconsin, branch last week when her bosses discovered a shoplifting charge dating back to 1972 during a routine background check, according to NBC. Quesada doesn’t contend that she was innocent of the accusations, only that a petty crime committed by a teenager in the 70s shouldn’t be grounds for dismissal in 2012.

“I’m very good at what I do for Wells Fargo,” Quesada, who is now 58, insists.

According to a Wells Fargo spokesman, the financial services company began thorough FBI background checks of all employees working in the mortgage unit last year to comply with “legal requirements and changes in the regulatory environment.”

That same spokesman told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, “Because Wells Fargo is an insured depository institution, we are bound by federal law that generally prohibits us from hiring or continuing the employment of any person who we know has a criminal record involving dishonesty or breach of trust.”

What do you think? Is it reasonable for financial companies to be so scrutinizing when it comes to property crimes committed by employees? Or is 40 years long enough that Ms. Quesada should be exempt?


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