Wood Chipper Decapitates California Landscaper

A gruesome scene outside of Nevada City, California, when a worker on a professional landscape crew got stuck inside of a wood chipper and was decapitated.

The man was helping to remove tree branches and debris from a house in a rural area about 60 miles northeast of Sacramento when the fatal accident occurred.

An industrial wood-chipper engulfed the man headfirst after he became ensnared in a length of rope. “It was a huge chipper capable of processing full-size tress,” said Police Sergeant Hap Penaluma who responded on the scene. “It’s just a tragic accident.”

The deceased landscape professional’s name has not been made public.

It is an unfortunate truth of the landscape and gardening industries that wood chipper accidents and fatalities are common.

Wood chippers, like the one being used in Nevada City, are responsible for a handful of deaths and hundreds of injuries every year. They are the third most common cause of death for landscape workers after electricution and car accidents.


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