Woman Wins $23 Million Lottery, Forgets Ticket in Car


A Palmdale, California woman, who didn't know she had left a winning $23 million lottery ticket in her car, finally found it and came forward to claim her prize.

The unidentified woman's daughter recognized her mom from a photo of the winner that had been recorded on a store's surveillance camera,reports the San Bernardino County Sun.

California Lottery Spokesman Alex Traverso told the San Bernardino County Sun: "She just never checked the ticket. Her daughter took a picture of her photo in the newspaper and sent it to her mother, she went to her car and found the ticket."

The woman bought the ticket in May of this year, but had only until Nov. 26 to cash it in.

If the winning ticket had not been claimed, the millions would have gone to California schools.

Last year, more than $20.5 million in cash prizes went unclaimed, reports SeattlePI.com.


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