Woman Loses Winning Lotto Ticket, Officials Track Her Down, Award Her $47 Million


Kathryn Jones bought a Lotto Max ticket on Nov. 30, 2012, in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, but quickly lost it.

Jones forgot about it for over a year until the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) tracked her down last week to tell her that she had won $50 million loonies, which is about $47 million dollars.

According to CP24.com, a false lotto winning claim inadvertently led the OLG to the store where Jones bought her ticket.

An investigation of surveillance footage, time stamps and credit card receipts led OLG officials to Jones' house in Hamilton, Ontario.

"We weren't sure we wanted to let them in the house," Jones told CBC News. "Then they showed us their ID, so they came in and sat down and started asking a number of questions."

“At that point I had no idea what they were talking about,” added the sharp-as-a-tack winner.

"I feel almost as though I have been struck by lightning twice because first to win is pretty incredible, but then to lose a ticket and then to have OLG find me and take the initiative to actually contact me is also pretty incredible," Jones said at a Tuesday press conference, notes CTVNews.ca.

Even though she lost her ticket, almost refused to allow lotto officials in her home, disbelieved them at first, Jones will still be able to collect her money in 30 days.

Sources: CTVNews.ca, CBC News, CP24.com


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