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Will Gisele Become the First Billionaire Supermodel?

So I guess Gisele's new clothing line is taking off and she's on pace to become the first billionaire supermodel. Nice work if you can get it. From the Daily Mail:

Launched last May, the Gisele Bundchen Brazilian Intimates range has proved popular in Latin America, Portugal, Japan, and Israel and now further expansion is expected. The former Victoria's Secret Angel premiered her collection, for Brazilian retailer Hope, in Sao Paulo last May. After the 40-piece collection hit stores across Brazil, Hope reported a 40 percent increase in turnover.

Now, the range is expected to be a hit with shoppers worldwide. And with her products endorsements and business ventures earning a total of £29 million last year, Bundchen is now believed to be on track to becoming the world's first billionaire supermodel.

What's going on with the Federative Republic of Brazil? If they spent half as much time cultivating its economy instead of supermodels and MMA fighters, it wouldn't be a third-world nation. Don't get me wrong, Gisele earned the money for being pretty, I guess, but one billion dollars? It makes my 70 million look measly, and I really earned it. I mean ANYBODY can pose for pictures, but can they sell their own semen to make uber humans like I do? I suggest that they can not.


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