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When Buying these Products, Buy Brand-Name, Not Generic

This article on consumer news site breaks down which products' generic versions work just as well as their brand-name versions - and which you should avoid. Here are a few of the items you might want to consider paying brand-name prices for.

First on the list is diapers. An off-brand diaper, Walletpop writer Aaron Crowe says, isn't worth the money you'll save on it. If it's ill-fitting, leaky or uncomfortable, your baby will soon let you know - loudly - and you'll wish you spent those few extra pennies.

Next are condiments. If you can, taste an off-brand ketchup, mustard or mayo before purchasing - no, not at the store, at a friend's house if he or she has the type you're considering buying. Many people find the quality of store-brand condiments isn't comparable to their name-brand equivalents. Writer Crowe says he can't wait to finish the Trader Joe's ketchup in his fridge so he can break into the Heinz - and I have to say, I agree with him.

Walletpop conducted an experiment to see if generic paper products, such as toilet paper and paper towels, performed as well as their brand-name brothers and sisters. The generics have fewer fibers, which means they're less absorbent. You'll save money when you buy generic, but you'll lose that money because you'll have to buy these products more often than their brand equivalents.

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