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Everyone Blames John Boehner for Delaying Sandy Relief, Fox News Blames Obama

In yet another media stunt, Fox News pointed their finger again at Obama for delaying relief to Hurricane Sandy victims, but this time even Republicans are calling their bluff.

On Fox and Friends Thursday, co-host Steve Doocy explained that Obama should be blamed for the delay of the relief bill, rather than house speaker John Boehner, who actually delayed it.

The House was expected to vote on a $60.4 billion aid package Tuesday night after the Senate passed a similar bill, but Boehner adjourned the house without scheduling a vote. His main complaint was that the bill includes spending on non-sandy storm damage, which Fox then labeled as “pork” charges.

Most of what Fox labeled as “pork” charges — $42 million for U.S. military bases, $5.2 million for the Justice Department, $4 million for the Kennedy Space Center, $3.5 million for Homeland Security and $2 million for the Smithsonian Institution in DC — the White House has explained are directly related to Sandy. The only non-Sandy allotment was $150 million to fisheries, which is intended to aid fishery disasters in New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Mississippi, and Alaska.

Despite Fox’s insistence to blame Obama, republicans such as Reps. Peter King and Michael Grimm “fiercely decried” Boehner’s decision to delay the vote, according to CBS News. New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie also said, “There's only one group to blame for the continued suffering of these innocent victims: The House majority and their speaker John Boehner. ... I called the speaker four times. He did not take my calls.”


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