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What are People Saying About: Mitt Romney's Taxes

A day after Mitt Romney released his taxes, people are still talking about the relatively low tax rate the multi-millionaire pays. Romney made $42.7 million over the past two years and paid $6.2 million in taxes, amounting to a tax rate of around 15%. Romney was able to do that because almost all of his income was from interest and dividends on his massive holdings, and those are taxed at 15%. Here's a sampling of what you are saying about it on the Opposing Views Facebook page.

Ted McTague, Wyoming, PA: I'm not a big Romney fan, but as far as taxes, I'd be worried about somebody who DIDN'T take every break they could get. He makes a lot of money, he can afford the fancy lawyers to get him his breaks.

Shelby Berringer, Havana, Cuba: He paid more than 97% of the people in this country. More than fair...

Vincent Curcuru: I guess legal is the only standard we use. What happened to moral and ethical? No one is asking him to apologize for his wealth they just want the inequities in the system put under the microscope so we all find out how the tax laws are written to favor the few.

Carter Merris: Where did the initial $$ come from. Ill tell you, hard work, 80 hr work weeks, personal and financial risk. So the rich are taxed twice and they use the same tax breaks that are legal and anyone can use by law. What is unfair is the 48% that pay nothing and live off the workers and risk takers and gov handouts and they become weaker and weaker everyday.

Tracey Chambers: @Carter Merris - a lot of his money came from daddy. It's easy to make millions when you already come from wealth. He isn't being taxed twice. Ah,the myth that 48% pay nothing. They may not pay federal(and that's not even 48%) but they do pay other taxes. Gov Like wall street, car companies, oil companies..etc. Ah, it's okay for the rich to get handouts but the working class are just leeches, right?

Clarice Anderson-Cronin: I don't think his taxes are fair because he's got a lot of money hidden in other countries so he doesn't have to pay taxes in the US! He's filthy rich and he definitely should be paying much more!

Jerry Stevens Sanchez, Phoenix, AZ: I'm not a Mitt fan by no means. But if he paid his taxes than he's paid enough. We need to start collecting taxes form the 49% that do not pay taxes, that would put a bigger dent than 1%.

Stephen Click, Bedford Heights, OH: It's not how much Romney has paid into taxes that bothers me, it's the way the system has been rigged by politicians in order to make these lower tax rates on capital gains possible. I don't blame Romney for taking advantage of the system, but he sure is a fine example of how the system is helping more rich people than poor people.

Dennis Hayward: Who exactly gets to determine what is fair, and by who's standards? We need to stop the divisive class warfare and get past the jealousy and envy.

Paula Michele: I pay 20% & I make the average salary in America. NO...he is NOT paying his fair share. He can afford to pay more. I can't!


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