Westboro Baptist Church Tweets Out Praise For God Following Oklahoma Destruction

The Westboro Baptist Church hate group tweeted after the Oklahoma tornadoes, thanking God for the destruction and blaming it on a local team’s support for Jason Collins, an openly gay NBA player.

Immediatedly following the news of the tornado, the main WBC twitter feed wrote, “Oklahoma is getting its butt kicked again in a very powerful fashion! A mile-wide tornado! #ThankGod! #GiveHimGlory!” A couple dozen tweets followed, warning people to “connect the dots America,” referring to Americans’ acceptance of gays and natural disasters.

The hate group has long been known for its apocryphal warnings that the end of times are upon us because of the gay population.

Fred Phelps Jr., the son of Westboro Baptist Church minister Fred Phelps, then tweeted out, “OK Thunder's Durant flips God by praising fag Collins. God smashes OK. You do the math. #GodH8sFags#FagsDoomNations#FearGod#GodH8sU.” 

Some of the tweets even claimed that Briarwood Elementary School, the school that was leveled by the storm with children still inside, was an example that the “USA sacrifice its young to sin.”

The group will now likely spout off about plans to protest the funerals of the tornado victims, but, as usual, be too scared to show up.

Sources: Huffington Post, Examiner


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