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Wealthy People Spending Summer in Trailer Park (Video)

While most people would equate trailers with the low-rent wacky folks on TLC's "Myrtle Manor" reality series, some wealthy people are choosing to spend the summer in trailers at Montauk Shores, New York (video below).

Some people refer to it as “glamping" or glamor camping. Many of the vacationers are from the very wealthy Hamptons area in Long Island, New York.

Hamptons residents will rent their pricey homes for $50,000 in July and August, and then pay $1,400 a month to lease trailers at the Ditch Plains Trailer Park in Montauk Shores.

“We don’t like to refer to them as trailers. Some people have the connotation it is rundown. I would say 90 percent of our residents live elsewhere for most of the year and they spend their summers here,” Montauk Shores resident Hugh Herbert told CBS New York.

It's worth noting that this trailer park does include beautiful views, swimming pools and playgrounds. Also, the trailers list for sale at $99k, according to

“We are finding a lot more homeowners are putting their houses up for rent, due to paying for college, or economic distress,” said realtor Jacqueline Dunphy. “The homeowners go and live in that for whatever time period they’ve rented for.”

Before you ditch your home for trailer living, be aware that the Ditch Plains Trailer Park is full and there’s actually a waiting list for interviews.

Source: CBS New York and


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