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Wave good bye to Foreclosures - Choose Loan Modification

The stringent crisis in the world economy has propelled a huge number of homes into an appalling financial tumult and more families are struggling to battle their way out from the most embarrassing and alarming foreclosures. Providentially, there is still a way out in order to avoid foreclosure and that is by taking advantage of the home loan modification program. A loan modification simply means that your mortgage payment will be restructured so as to facilitate you with a more affordable payment plan. This will be your golden opportunity to get your payments current and do away with any kind of risk that involves foreclosures.

The home loan modification is a Loan Modification program designed by President Barrack Obama in order to lend a hand to the anxious debtors and homeowners to make an amendment in their mortgage loan modification thus turning it into a more reasonably priced arrangement that provides reduced interest rates and a lower monthly payment plan. The loan modification program will be an aide to assuage the huge number of mortgage offense and thus persuade the lenders to offer loss mitigation programs to the nonpayer, with a higher efficacy and avert the progression of foreclosure.

As of to date, 73% of the total number of trial Home Loan modification Applicants were able to benefit from the loan modification program. The administration has necessitated the loan servicers to trim down the monthly payments to no more than 38% of the borrowers’ gross monthly income. The Government would then disburse to reduce the payments further to no more than 31%. The administration will also give out $1000 cash incentive to the lenders for every successful loan modification, immediately after receiving three regular payments and an additional $1000 payment for each year for 3 years as long as the borrower continues to make his payments. The Loan Modification Program incentive program is designed to encourage more participation from loan servicers that will eventually increase the number of loan modification applicants.

Another option for avoiding foreclosures is to opt for Short Sale Loan Modifications. This is not usually a good idea; but works in some cases. It highly depends on individual circumstances. By choosing short sale, there would not be any adverse effect on your credit score. But then you always have a risk of losing your home. Besides, the issue complicates further if the bank refuses to pay you the amount that equates to the present market value of your property. This will incur losses and you lose your home too.

There are awful bundles of swindle cases reported nowadays about mortgage loan frauds, a dire number of people looting on the extreme anxiety of vulnerable home owners and debtors. Thus, one should always consult a loan modification help in order to stay away from fraudulent loan modifications. Also one needs to be vigilant while choosing the loan modification help. Usually, HUD approved loan modification counselors are free. Hence foreclosures are easy to avoid provided you have the right help for the same.

The program has helped many Americans stay in their home while avoiding foreclosure and slowing the turn down in home prices. The December updates point out that there is "sustained signs of stabilization in house prices". If the homeowners are not able to qualify for any of the programs designed to save the home from foreclosure, the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program (HAFA) might help them to save their precious home. This feature will help in the change through a short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. The program has helped many Americans stay in their home while avoiding fore-closure and slowing the refuse in home prices.

Obama loan modification program was not intended to help everybody but some homeowners who could not qualify for the program or shouldn’t apply. Author suggests visiting trusted source on the internet for mortgage assistance, loan modification and home loan news.


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