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Wash. Man Scores Big in Lottery Twice in Same Day (Video)

Cary Collins, from Puyallup, Wash., had a heck of a lucky 24 hours this past Thursday. 

The 61-year-old man scratched his first big win with a "Red Hot 5s" ticket, earning the game’s grand prize of $55,555. The following morning, he stopped to buy another ticket.

This time, he purchased three "Bring On The Bens" scratch tickets. One of them reeled in the $200,000 top prize.

But this is no case of beginner’s luck; Collins says he’s been playing the Washington Lottery since its inception.

Collins says after he first uses his winnings to pay off debts, nothing stands out as to what to use the rest for. He also has no plans to quit his current job.

And Collins isn’t the first to win two big tickets. A number of other cases of double-winnings have been recorded.

Sources: Huffington Post, Yahoo! News


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