Was Suge Knight Really Arrested for Killing Tupac?

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I'll save you the suspense: no. No, he was not.

This week, web searches for the bankrupt gangster rapper soared due to a prevalent rumor that a break in the Tupac Shakur shooting case led police to finally make an arrest.

The suspect, these rumors would have us believe, was none other than Suge Knight.

Apparently, a fabricated news clip from 2010 in conjunction with Knight’s recent comments regarding the 2Pac hologram that debuted at this year’s Coachella caused the internet stir. Last month, the former hip-hop mogul told the media that he thinks Shakur is still alive somewhere because “nobody has seen him dead.”

This comment refueled the decades-old conspiracy theory and apparently got a few prominent bloggers pointing the finger at Knight. You can see the suspicious news clip below:


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