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Walmart Tries to Stop People From Filming Black Friday Fights, Police Arrest Shopper (Video)

A YouTube user with the handle "So IDecidedTo" went to a Walmart last night in order to "interview" shoppers, but instead saw people battling each other for sale items.

He started recording the melee (video below), but claims he was escorted out of the store by Walmart security while the mob of shoppers were allowed to stay. The video has gone viral with more than 1 million views.

"So IDecidedTo" writes on his YouTube page:

I went to the Walmart in my parent's town on Thanksgiving around 8pm. I was driving back to the hotel and I saw it PACKED! Therefore I went in, and expected to interview people about why they are there. Instead I saw this, videoed it, and was promptly kicked out of the store.

According to WPTV, "A woman repeatedly screamed, 'Oh my God,' at a Walmart store in North Carolina where a few dozen people crowded around TVs and began pushing each other. One man threw another man to the ground during the scuffle."

Another YouTube user "TheBlackhawk715" filmed shoppers (video below) fighting over TVs during another Walmart Black Friday fight. When two police handcuffed an angry shopper, a Walmart employee yelled at the cameraman, "Hey stop!"

Source: YouTube and WPTV


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