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Walmart Asks Employees to Donate Food to Needy Coworkers (Video)

A Walmart store in Oklahoma is asking its employees to donate food to their fellow poverty-stricken workers over the holidays.

Making Change at Walmart, a pro-labor organization, recently posted a picture of a canned food drive at an Oklahoma City Walmart on Facebook along with this text:

Rather than agree to pay a decent wage or provide full-time hours, Walmart and its owners (the Waltons) continue to earn massive profits while too many of the workers who make the company a success go hungry.

The same type of donation boxes appeared in Walmart stores last year, according to OUR Walmart, a pro-labor organization (video below). notes that Walton family's combined wealth is equal to the bottom 42 percent of American households.

Americans for Tax Fairness released a report today that found Walmart is using tax breaks to avoid $1 billion in taxes annually, holds $21.4 billion in profits offshore and is lobbying lawmakers to get its taxes lower by another $720 million (video below).

“My co-workers and I don’t want food bins,” an Ohio Walmart worker and member of OUR Walmart told “We want Walmart and the Waltons to improve pay and hours so that we can buy our own groceries.”

A Walmart employee in Indiana added, “We are all in need, but we feel a sort of obligation to take care of our co-workers who are also struggling. The cycle is crazy. It doesn’t make any sense.”

The Huffington Post reported earlier this year that the hacktivist group Anonymous leaked internal documents to that instructed Walmart managers to discourage workers from joining unions. Walmart confirmed the authenticity of the documents and accused unions of misinforming its employees.

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