Virginia Restaurant 'The Cajun Experience' Offers Discount To Gun-Toting Diners


Yet another restaurant, in a cheap attempt to make a political statement, is offering a discount one day of the week to customers openly carrying a gun.

The Cajun Experience, a Leesburg, Va. food spot, started offering a 10 percent discount through its new “Open Carry Wednesday” deal. The restaurant offers this discount to any customer openly carrying a holstered gun.

“I’ve seen what the restricting of freedom is all about,” owner Bryan Crosswhite told Leesburg Today. “It’s our legal right to carry. I want it to be [my customers’] right to carry in our restaurant.”

While the gesture may be appreciated by those who carry firearms, it at the same time ostracizes and intimidates those who would prefer to dine without random strangers packing heat in the next booth. Beyond that, it certainly does not create a open space for a mature, political discussion about gun laws.

Virginia, according to the Washington Times, is a permissive open carry state, which means any non-prohibited citizen allowed to purchase a gun is allowed openly carry it without a permit or license on hand.

The Cajun Experience is in obvious support of the open carry law, and displays a sign in the restaurant with another sign that reads: “Please keep all firearms holstered unless the need arises. In such case, judicious marksmanship is greatly appreciated by all!"

Gun-toting customers — no surprise here — are in full support of the restaurant’s new discount deal.

"Right now I feel like I'm in safest place in Leesburg, Virginia," customer Dana Quirk told the Leesburg Today. "Because if someone [threatening] comes through that door, good luck!" Yet, despite Quirk’s enthusiasm, there is the pretty relevant fact that most mass shooters are suicidal and so likely won’t be deterred by the idea of certain death.

Leesburg Police Chief Joseph Price, however, had a very different opinion about the restaurant's deal and explained he’s not planning to visit the restaurant any time in the future.

"No, sir, I don't plan to go [to the restaurant]," Price said, "and having carried a firearm for better part of my adult life, I clearly know alcohol and firearms do not mix."

Sources: Huffington Post, NBC News


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