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'Flip Side' Bar: Viral Video by Director Jay Diaz Flips Women and Men's Gender Roles

Other than the laundry mat, there are few other places where distinct gender roles are played out than at a bar. Director Jay Diaz, though, has created a short video flipping those typical bar gender norms, which has now gone viral.

At The Flip Side bar, women buy men raspberry kamikazis, complement men’s backsides, and allow the men to do the morning ‘walk of shame’  after taking them home. The video has gained more than 2.2 million hits.

The video shows men constantly turning down women’s advances (At one point, a woman tries to dance her way up next to two men dancing together, but is quickly shot down and told, “Excuse us, excuse us. We’re dancing, we’re trying to dance.”), which highlights both men and women’s more ridiculous bar habits.

Diaz has also created another “Flip Side” video, this time depicting flipped dating roles, which has garnered 1.1 million hits.


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