Video: U.S. Marine Tells Sean Hannity to "F*ck Off"

At the Occupy Wall Street protest on Monday, two former Marines spoke to a cameraman from 'The Other 99 Percent' and explained why they joined the protest and added that Fox News host Sean Hannity should "fuck off" (video below), echoing the anti-Fox News sentiment from Sunday when Geraldo Rivera was shouted down by the protesters.

One marine wearing a hat said: “These wars that are going on, I don’t believe in them. I want my brothers and sisters to come back home. The bailout was a farce. It robbed American people.”

The other marine added: “Like the other 99 percent, I got forced into student loan debt that I’m never going to get out of. Because with two degrees and a full time job, I still don’t make enough to pay all my bills. I had to fight for my G.I. Bill by writing my Senator a couple of times. No, it gave me just enough money to buy books this semester.”

They were then asked about Fox News host Sean Hannity hosting a protester on his show and calling her “un-American.”

“You know, that’s pretty funny,” the first marine in the hat responded. “When they have these protests, violent protests overseas, we call them democratic. The people are trying to get theirs. But as soon as we start doing ‘em here, they call us unpatriotic. So that’s, uh, very ironic that he would say something like that.”

“Is there anything that you would specifically tell (Sean Hannity) if he was here standing in front of you?” the cameraman asked.

“I’d tell him to f*ck off,” the veteran replied. “That’s what I would tell him.” (Note: Graphic language.)


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