Video: Stores Requiring ID for Returns, Tracking Repeated Returns


When shoppers make returns this holiday season, they may have to hand over a receipt and an ID.

A growing number of stores are requiring customers to bring an ID to return an item, with or without a receipt, reports CBS San Francisco (video below).

The retail industry claims that return fraud and “renting” [buying an item to wear and return] costs them billions each year.

Now, many stores are tracking customers and all of their returns in a database such as The Retail Equation, which tracks how often shoppers bring products back and identifies habitual returners.

If customers return items too frequently, they may lose their right to return purchases anywhere.

According to the National Retail Federation, 62 percent of retailers have ID requirements. Some of the stores include The Finish Line, Home Depot, Target, Victoria's Secret and The Children’s Place.

Some state laws do require retailers post the ID requirement with their return policy. If it’s in their policy, and you want to make a return, you’ll likely have to hand over your ID.


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