Video: Should Ugly People Be Protected by Affirmative Action Laws?


According to University of Texas at Austin professor Daniel Hamermesh, unattractive people should be legally protected against discrimination (video below).

Hamermesh points to studies that have found that employers are more likely to hire good-looking candidates. He also mentions that less attractive people earn less than their more attractive peers.

“Logically, I see no difference between this and other protections,” Hamermesh told CNN on Tuesday. “Perhaps not with racism. Politically, I’m much more concerned about racism… but between this and physical disability, I see very little difference. We happen to protect one and not the other.”

Hamermesh added, “We already do this in a couple of locations in California, in the District of Columbia and France. Is it going to happen soon? No. Will it possibly happen eventually? I wouldn’t bet against it.”

Should there be affirmative action for ugly people? What do you think?  Would it help or hurt you?


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